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Asbury Outpouring Video Series and Discussion

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Welcome to the group discussion for the Asbury Outpouring Video Series and Discussion!

As we begin this journey together, each week you will be asked to watch a short video and then respond to questions in a group chat. You can go at your own pace. The purpose of these videos is to share with you the movement of the Holy Spirit at the Asbury Awakening and inspire you to think about how the Holy Spirit is at work within you, your church, and your community.

Each session will begin with a Welcome and Introduction. Read through the Welcome and Introduction and then ponder the first question before watching the video. After watching the short video, you will be asked to respond to 5 or 6 questions in the group chat. Have fun and engage with others. As we engage, may the Holy Spirit be at work in all of us as we share our thoughts and ideas.

In the Welcome and Introduction section of each session, you will also see that each session ends with a prayer, as well as further documents that you may want to read. If you haven't yet, be sure to join the program at

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