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Teresa Gray


August 11


Rockwell, NC

Family Info:    

Married to Dennis since June 11, 1994. We met through his mom who worked with me at Mt. Pleasant High School and picked me out “just for him.”

Three children – Patrick lives in Rockwell and works with his uncle at Ike’s Construction Inc. He is very active at New Wine Baptist where he is a part of the worship team and also recently began sharing God’s Word through preaching.

Joshua and Alyssa are twins and are active at Grace Church. Joshua also works with his uncle at Ike’s Construction Inc., and Alyssa is a graduate from UNCC and working as an Elementary Teacher and a Dance Teacher.

Millie is our Cavachon, and she is just the sweetest and most spoiled pup in the world! My granpups include Alyssa’s dog, Minnie, who is a Cavapoo and Josh’s two dogs: Luna, a golden retriever and Maddy, a lab rescue.

What year did you join the staff of Grace Church? 

Saturday, March 18, 2023 at Famous Toastery.


Favorite Scriptures:    

There’s not just one... there’s a plethora... but when I have to choose... Philippians 4:13 is at the top since high school!


What do you do for fun?    

Sit on my front porch, garden, read, watch Law and Order - SVU


What was your first job?    

Carolina Mall Cinemas Concession Stand – I still smell the butter!


A few favorite books?    

It could take days... there aren’t a few: The Crayon Books, Splat the Cat, Anything Dr Seuss, The Wonkey Donkey (And everyone after that), Eric Carle is the best! Junie B Jones, Magic Treehouse, Fervent (Anything Priscilla Shirer is just amazing!), Radical (Anything by David Platt) Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table (Louie Giglio rocks!)... ok I’ll stop! 

What makes you laugh?

Children... especially my own! 


What’s your hidden talent or a fun fact about you? 

I play the piano...I learned from my mom. And I’m a twin.


Favorite movies? 

I don’t watch a lot of movies... but I would have to say “Sixteen Candles” and “Grease” are up there! 


Favorite music? 

Definitely K-Love.... all the time!


Favorite place to visit? 



Favorite indulgence?    

Ice Cream


Who has influenced you the most in ministry? 

The faith of my two grandmothers and my parents were the foundation. 

The children, especially those little ones, and youth with whom I have served alongside have influenced me the most. 

Teresa Gray, Family Ministry and Christian Preschool Director

Family Ministry Leader

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