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Michael Dominick


April 1 – no foolin’  


Muncie, Indiana

Family Info:    

Married to Shirley since June 11, 1971. We met in Junior High School and were high school sweethearts.


Twin Children – Rachel lives in Dayton, Indiana, and works in procurement for Subaru of Indiana Automotive.


Peter is married to Mindy, lives in Concord, and works as a Physician Assistant for Dermatology & Skin Surgery Center at Albemarle. They have five adopted children (all siblings) from Ukraine.  


What year did you join the staff of Grace Church? 

At its founding in February 2023


Favorite Scriptures:    

Romans 8


What do you do for fun?    

Read, Wordle, Movies


What was your first job?    

Busser at Ponderosa Restaurant


A few favorite books?    

Anything by C.S. Lewis, Lord of the Rings Series

What makes you laugh?

Jokes—puns, slapstick, my own frailties (like falling down with the grace of a walrus)  


What’s your hidden talent or a fun fact about you? 

I carry over a 200 average on Wii Bowling!


Favorite movies? 

Sci-Fi that is not ultra-violent—Star Wars AND Star Trek


Favorite music? 

K-Love type Christian or 50’s/60’s Oldies (like me!)


Favorite place to visit? 

Colorado Springs—the Rockies are amazing!


Favorite indulgence?    



Who has influenced you the most in ministry? 

A mentor Pastor and friend, David Schramm. 

I’m more like Charles Stanley than Andy Stanley, but I appreciate Andy’s desire to connect with unchurched people. 

Thom Rainer gets it, I believe.

Pastor Mike Dominick, a Global Methodist pastor

Lead Pastor

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